Being Kind in Body, Spirit & Mind.

Body and Breath mindfully creates a variety of health and wellness focused exercise opportunities, including Pilates and Special Yoga for small groups and one to one sessions in the Bristol area.

I fully understand that starting on a new journey or simply coming back to something you loved after a break can be intimidating and often overwhelming, especially if you are adapting to a change in the way you live your life.

Adapting exercise to long term health conditions, injury or pregnancy can often be extremely challenging on your own. But with my knowledge and experience and a little time and self care from you, it can bring great rewards such as an improved sense of wellbeing, greater independence, improved mobility, reduce anxiety and increased strength in both body and mind.

Why not get intouch to find out a little more about what I can personally offer you. I am always happy to answer any questions and discuss every concern that you may have before making this empowering move. ♡