Body and Breath Sessions are created to mindfully improve health and wellness, combining exercise and breath practice.

Hi I’m Debs.

I am a passionate Personal Trainer, Pilates and Special Yoga instructor based in Bristol.

I have been working in the Health and Fitness Industry for the last fourteen years focusing on Exercise on Referral and Rehabilitation programmes alongside the NHS.

I love to use a combination of exercise disciplines to manage and improve health, including Pilates and Special Yoga.

Having had a passion for both Pilates and Yoga for over twenty years it felt only natural 14 years ago to train to share my passion and its benefits with others.

Over the years I have delivered a variety of classes to suit multiple health needs including chronic back pain, diabetes, and conditions such as Parkinson’s, MS and Stroke. I also regularly work with both adults with complex needs, learning disabilities, behavioural conditions and older frailer adults.

My teachings vary from adapted chair based Special Yoga, traditional gentle mat based Pilates exercises and basic yoga asanas to intermediate and advanced Pilates with equipment and small group and one to one personal training sessions.

I truly believe that with a little kindness and attention to both body and mind we can all find relief and benefit from the practice of regular movement.



I have taken Pilates classes with Debs for approximately 8 years. She pitches classes at levels suitable to your ability and continually reminds you about the correct positioning, which muscles to use and to remember to breathe! Listening to your body enables you to progress through the appropriate levels without injury. Debs classes are enjoyable and, I found, made exercise fun
— Gill P

Debs has taught me Pilates in a class setting for over ten years. She has been unfailingly professional. Her explanations and demonstrations of Pilates principles and exercises have always been clear. She is very adept at breaking down sequences into manageable chunks and amalgamating them into the accepted pattern. Her ability to note the progress of individual class members and her early and tactful interventions to advise them on the correct method or on an adaptation more suitable for them has impressed me. She is an inspirational Pilates teacher who has brought a very enjoyable and beneficial interest to class participants
— Maggie

I joined Debs Pilates class 5 years ago as a complete Pilates novice. Debs takes into account all levels, abilities and individual needs. I have been taught by her for both Pilates and Yoga and Debs makes classes fun and relaxed while still maintaining her professionalism. She gives clear and precise instructions and hands on tuition to ensure you are posturing correctly. I’m so grateful that I found such a professional and experienced instructor who has taught me that stretching my body can be fun!
— Lynne W

Debs Newth was not my Pilates instructor for long, only a few months. However I was impressed with the structure and explanation in her classes; having spent three decades in quality control this was something I really appreciated. I achieved a genuine improvement in my flexibility in a short time.
— Mr Ron Sargent PCQI , retired engineer.

Exercise with Debs has changed my life. I attend hour long weekly sessions and practice the exercises at home. My balance, coordination, mobility and most importantly my confidence are very much improved. I cannot reverse the progression of my MS but I can make the best of it. I use a walking stick when outside and a wheelchair when needed, but I can bellring! I Might have MS, but MS is not having me.
— Hil S

Debs is the best Pilates teacher I have ever had and I am very lucky to have been taught by her for the last eight years.  Debs is warm, friendly and professional and she has a calm and serene presence.  Debs gives clear, detailed instructions and ensures that everyone has an exercise which suits their level and ability.   Thanks to Debs’ Pilates class I can now manage my back pain myself using Pilates.
— Ali
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I am a physiotherapist and also am trained in the basics of Pilates. So I understand the philosophy of Pilates but am stiff and know that I do not do enough work on engaging my core, I suffer with low back pain as a consequence of poor control.

I have been to various classes over many years and experienced various teaching styles. I want to comment about Debs as she stands out from all of the others. The main difference is her thoughtful engagement with her class. When you have been to so many different teachers in your time, you can really feel if someone is connecting with all of the class rather than running through the usual visualisation explanations in a rote fashion. Debs’ style is to watch you, without you feeling under pressure, and if necessary adapting how she explains a position if she can sense you are not ‘getting it’. She has a lovely, warm nature which really puts you at ease. Highly recommended.
— Valerie Storm